I’m Dharmaraj J. I trade derivatives professionally, and I’m the Chief Organizer of Investors Carnival – India’s largest annual gathering of individual Investors. Here are some questions that I’m typically asked, and I hope the answers will be enough to explain the event. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop me an email at dharmarajj@gmail.com or call me on my mobile +91 7019278486


DJ, what’s Investors Carnival?

Investors Carnival is India’s only annual event organized by Investors for Investors, with a lot of love. It is a residential program, four days long, which offers Investors a powerful learning environment, unparalleled networking opportunities, and ready accessibility to speakers, who stay and learn along with the participants.


Gotcha. How did it start?

One lazy Sunday afternoon in 2011,  five buddies met for a few beers at the old Bowring Institute in Bangalore.

“How are you managing your shorts in Nifty?” asked one, and the group spent the next two hours discussing trading. 

“We should do this more often,” said another, at the end. 

In 2012, Traders’ Carnival was born and over one hundred traders got together to share their trading experiences. It ended up as a two-day affair, at the Ecumenical Christian Centre in Whitefield, Bangalore. This passionate group would be huddled discussing the markets till 2am, and be ready for a 7amstart. Enough of beer, now some coffee, please!

There were ten experts, who shared their strategies with the group. Of the original participants, over half continue to trade professionally. We thought, let’s do it every year, and do it in different cities. And that’s how Traders’ Carnival came to be.

In 2013, some 120 traders from all over the country met at the Marriott in Pune. TC, as it was popularly abbreviated, became a three-day residential program.

In 2014, we headed for the beach. Goa! 145 traders at the picturesque Radisson Blue in Cavellosim. 3 days of brainstorming, networking, and learning. Of course, the beer continued.

In 2015, TC had its (then) biggest and widest audience. More than 200 participants from Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities met at the luxurious ITC Maratha in Mumbai. We asked everyone where should we hold the next edition of TC? The group voted Bangkok!

For 2016, Rekha and I went  on a recce to Thailand, and checked out over 20 properties. Several relentless negotiations, crazy good street food, and several local beers later, here we are. And what an event it was. Discounted massages, cheap beer and some great food competed with some brilliant speakers for airtime. Not to mention a cruise of the Chao Phraya river at Bangkok on one of the days of the Conference. Our first international experience turned out to be a truly epic one.

Nice, DJ. Now tell me about the Carnivals in 2017

We had an glittering array of traders speaking at the Mumbai event held at the sprawling  Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai. The Speakers’ list included Samir Arora, Mitesh Thakkar, Sandeep Wagle, Nithin Kamath, Deepak Shenoy, Mayuresh Joshi  Prakash Gaba and others. In short, the cream of Traders and Investors from India. We also had a networking event for all to get to know each other and brainstorm. 

Now, coming to the inaugural edition of Investors Carnival.

Why did we start this? Well, we had quite a few requests from folks who regularly attend Traders Carnival for a similar event for a different genre – Investing. So we sought out some of the best names from India. Prof. Sanjay Bakshi, Safir Anand, Ayush Mittal, Jiten Parmar, Viraj Mehta, to name a few. This was such a fun event that we even had a cricket match during one of the days of the Conference.

Well, the defining moment of this event was Prof Sanjay Bakshi, unequivocally.   His session went on from 7 pm to 3:30 am. And if this year’s pointers are anything to go by, Goa may not be very different.

And finally, the last event in 2018 – Traders Carnival at Mumbai.

1. Well, suffice to says we had a few speakers who went on to reach national visibility via our exclusive media partner, Bloomberg Quint and then on to TV. For the first time at the Carnival we had professional option writers who have had tremendous success, scalpers, positional traders and more at Delhi. Most of these speakers at the event were well below the social media and TV radar prior to the event. 

Glad to share that our exclusive media partner, Bloomberg Quint featured speakers at the event and also some of the participants.

Super. Now tell me more about the Goa Conference

Venue apart, this edition will be truly phenomenal in character. 

We have India’s Ace Investor Ashish Chugh as keynote speaker at Goa. Also, Safir Anand from Delhi. We have Asia’s only blind Trader/Investor, a passionate capital markets participant, sharing his experiences at the event. The list of speakers is available here. Many more to be added progressively, to align with 5 underlying themes for the Investors Carnival Conference. 

A quick look at the themes here :

  1. Multibaggers 

  2. Forensic Audit of companies from an accounting perspective

  3. NCLT and low float companies

  4. SME Investing

  5. Momentum Investing

 Who should attend Investors Carnival at Goa?

Anyone who is passionate about markets. But, let’s break it down: individual Investors, (professional, semi-professional or hobbyists), institutional Investors, brokers, service providers and so on. 

To be honest, if you think the greatest expression of your talent is in the financial markets, come to Investors Carnival. It’s truly a celebration of our craft. If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn that there’s method to the madness of the markets, and find here the right network to support you through your journey.

As our motto goes: Learn, Earn, Evolve.

The event website is www.investorscarnival.com 

Look forward to meeting you at Goa this October.



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